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People of the metaphysical persuasion often raise energy in order to cause willful change.  We call this magick.

We often talk about raising energy with song, chants, dance, burning incense, lighting candles, performing ritual actions, meditation, and even sex.

We talk about infusing magick into our cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, and in adorning our bodies.

I’m sure someone somewhere has come up with the idea of using the energy raised during a workout for working magick, but I haven’t seen it yet, so I thought I’d offer my contribution. ūüôā

As I’ve mentioned in other places, I’m on a fitness kick, so I’ve been reading a ton of resources on nutrition and exercise. ¬†It’s actually disheartening how negative people are about taking care of our bodies. ¬†Every single book, even the most positive ones, go on and on about the evil E word and offer alternative ways to think about it so it doesn’t seem like a chore.

I love to exercise.

I’m also very good at coming up with reasons to put it off.


Rather than beat myself up about missing a workout, I’d rather focus on what magick I intend to accomplish at the next one.

My one big goal for 2012 is to feel Radiant.  Not just healthy and happy, but positively glowing and lighting up the people around me wherever I go.

I put on my gym clothes with the reverence some feel before donning ritual garb. ¬†I call circle around myself as I select my workout, and I dedicate the energy I’m raising, the calories I’m burning to the healing of myself and the betterment of the world. ¬†I offer my heat, sweat, and breath to the Divine, and to the Divine Beings who surround and protect me. ¬†And while I workout, I tune into my body, visualizing the vibrant, radiant body that is emerging cell by cell, workout by workout.

I focus on healing now because that’s what I most need. ¬†Later, I plan to focus on prosperity, or love, or whatever I feel I need most…later. ¬†Sometimes I dedicate the energy to healing a friend that I know who needs it.

Daily workout, daily spiritual practice, healthier body, mind, heart, and spirit.

I’m loving it!


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Over the last two days I have performed two readings that totally inspired me.

In the first one, right in the middle of the reading, my client made a decision that completely changed her future!

At the beginning of the reading, she was a few blocks away from the future she really wanted for herself.  The energy felt like a puddle slowly dripping down a sidewalk.

A new message came through for her, and she decided to listen to it, and the second she made the decision, before she told me, the energy suddenly transformed into a ray of light. ¬†She leapt those few blocks in a single bound! ¬†She’s now just a step away from realizing her dreams, and she’s already decided to take that step. ¬†I was crying in Starbucks because I was so happy and excited for her!


I absolutely adore when a reading helps a client make a life-changing decision. ¬†I love it so much, it’s inspired me to start Love-Your-Life Coaching! ¬†I’m working on my website, and will definitely launch it in the next week, but y’all heard about it here first!

‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

Last night, I shared a meal with a Vietnam Vet who’s been homeless for 35 years, and I gave him a reading.

He wanted to know how he could settle down with his family, how he could overcome his fear of being rejected by his daughters and grandkids.

During the reading, he blossomed.  I watched him waver from excited about trying to fearful several times, but when he left he was determined to try the first step Рto develop his faith.

He has to have faith in himself.

So simple, yet so difficult…but I know he can do it.

‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

What about you?  What inspires you?  What change would you like to make in your life?  Feel free to email me if you need some encouragement!

Love and Blessings,
Ashley Rae

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The past week has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.  It began with plans of my boyfriend and I getting a place together.  Three days later, my (ex-)boyfriend decided we were better off just friends.  I had about one and a half days to cope with that, while dealing with an infected tooth, before spending four days home alone with my three year old, unable to find child care, and thus unable to work.

Even covered in chocolate, he's just so durn cuddly!

Apparently, I needed some time off. ¬†I wasn’t going to give it to myself, so the Universe provided it for me whether I wanted it or not.

I realized that ever since Susan died, I haven’t been putting my money where my mouth is. ¬†I’m always saying that there are 1440 minutes in every day and at least 30 for ourselves, that we can choose happiness instead of making excuses. ¬†But when Susan died, I reverted to an old version of myself, the martyr version who puts the needs of everyone else before her own and forgets she even has needs until she finds herself in excruciating pain and has no one around to help.


So this week, I’m getting back on track to the new, improved, not-a-martyr version of myself.

I found a cute purple dry erase board on clearance at Michael’s for $2.49, and I’m using it to make a check list of my needs and a reminder of my important projects, right there at eye level for me to see every morning and every night. ¬†It looks like this:

I'll make it prettier later...

I’m setting my alarm for about 2 hours earlier than my son usually gets up so I can have a couple hours to myself in the morning to meditate, watch videos for my e-courses, or work on my projects. ¬†I’m taking at least a day a week to focus exclusively on my projects, as opposed to most week days, when I go from home to my son’s daycare to one work to a meal to another work or ¬†to my son’s daycare and two other day cares to pick up my sister’s kids to home or to another work before home…(have your eyes crossed yet?)

I’m also making sure that the things I spend my money on don’t contradict my values. ¬†I’m buying my veggies from local farmers and planning a portable garden. ¬†I’m figuring out how to re-purpose things that I already have to avoid adding more and more to the landfill, and I’m dedicating myself to recycling anything I can. ¬†I’m also keeping a plastic bag on me for picking up trash and recyclables that others leave lying on the ground. ¬†The Earth is sacred to me, so it’s important that I help Her in any way I can.

Baby steps. ¬†Can’t just reboot myself to the most up to date version. ¬†Gotta find my way back one step at a time. ¬†‚̧

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How far do you have to fall before you decide that you are worth saving?




Do you really have to hit rock bottom before you start picking yourself up?

If you hit rock bottom, it will hurt you more than it hurts it.


Why wait for someone else to take care of you when you are more than capable of taking care of yourself?


My favorite piece of trivia at the moment is this:

There are 1440 minutes in each day.

That’s a lot of minutes.

LOTS of minutes...

If you get eight hours of sleep, you still have 960 minutes left in your day.

If it’s a work day and you work 8 hours, you still have 480 minutes.

Even if you are on the road for an hour each way to and from work, you still have 360 minutes!  Plus your lunch break!

So out of those 360 minutes, how many can you dedicate to taking care of yourself?

30 minutes to break a sweat and get your blood pumping?

What does your happy dance look like?

15 minutes to spend some quiet time with your journal or JUST BE?

30 minutes to cook a nutritious, delicious dinner (with leftovers perfect for tomorrow’s lunch?)

10 minutes to speed clean a room, declutter, or otherwise organize something that’s been driving you nuts?

This is just a fabulous course for ideas about how to turn your living space into a sanctuary. ‚̧

How about 30 minutes to read a book or watch a video that teaches you something you’ve been wanting to learn?

If you did all of those things every day after work, you would still have 245 minutes to:

  • have dinner
  • catch up on facebook and email
  • take a shower
  • talk to a loved one
  • clean what needs cleaning
  • put away what needs putting away
  • AND relax before bed.




How much of your time are you devoting to YOU?

You are.

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