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I don’t even know how long ago I posted to facebook that if I knew how to be productive during chaos, I’d be getting a lot more done, or something to that effect that was funnier.


2 minute videos teaching and celebrating self-healing, sacred sexuality, intuitive development, creative writing, finding your voice, and many more topics dear to my heart.

And the books I’m writing in my head, that I need to type up!  The intuitive tarot PLAYbook!  The memoir about how I became a Pagan psychic!  Sentence Interrupted: Memoir of a Moody Mama!  and others that are too unformed to list…fictions I’m dying to try my hand at…

I have meditations to write and record, e-courses to put together, in person workshops to organize and lead, videos for my main website about Love Your Life Coaching, my first book, the list goes on and on…

This morning I had some motivation in my inbox from another writer that I’ve never met in person:

“Hi, Ashley! I just had to get in touch with you. I literally just finished reading your book, which I received in the mail this afternoon, and I had to tell you how wonderful it was. It made me laugh, made me cry, made me feel angry, and made me feel joy. You are an excellent talented writer, making me feel like I was right there with you on your journey. I am looking soooo forward to the next book. Congratulations!”

Chaos, shmaos…it’s time to get organized!  It’s time to birth these babies and deliver them untothe world!

I’m taking myself out on a business date this afternoon, and I promise my friends and my fans that you’ll be seeing a lot more from this writer/healer/teacher within the week! ❤


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