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Most people hate money.  Which is ironic, since money is a physical symbol of value.  Value and hate are opposites, right?

Several years ago, I walked into a beautiful, peaceful book store that specialized in spirituality and healing, and the owner of that store engaged me in conversation about something that at 70, she had only just realized – that money is love.

I went home thinking she was a wonderful lady, but a bit off her rocker.

At the time, I felt money was the root of all evil and all suffering, and I hated needing money and never having enough.  I hated having to pay bills, and that I couldn’t just live off the land and be totally self-sufficient without having and spending what seemed an astronomical amount of money to start me off.

Over the years, I found myself getting into conversations and even giving readings to people who were struggling with the morality of charging for their products and services.  Every one of them felt that the love and peace they felt for performing their services or creating their art was reward enough, and that charging money for them would cheapen them somehow.  And in every one of those conversations, I ended up arguing with them…even though I thought I believed the same.

The true value of money is something everyone should really slow down and think about, because how you see your money determines how you will treat it, and how it will treat you.


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I have no clue where I got this image. If anyone knows who I should credit, please let me know!

Imagine that you actually have four bodies.

One is physical, the body everyone can see, and you can see when you look down at yourself or in a reflective surface. This is the body that sometimes gets injured or sick, and that you heal with physical means such as heat, cold, medicine, or movement therapy.

The next body is emotional. It is intimately connected with your physical body – so much so that it can change your blood pressure, your hormone balance, your temperature, how much sweat you produce, your digestion, and even your ability to fight disease.

The third body is mental. It is intimately connected with your emotional body, and uses your emotions to affect your physical body. Your thoughts affect your feelings, and changing your thoughts can actually bring physical relief. I am living proof of this, as I used my thoughts and emotions to have a painless, drug free homebirth.

The fourth body is spiritual. It is actually the substance of which the rest of your bodies are made, intimately linking them all to each other, affecting each equally, and allowing each to affect the others. It also links your consciousness with the substance of the universe, the body of the Divine, and if you allow it, it communicates with you through your intuition.

Imagine all that, and this blog post, and all my future blog posts about healing, will make sense to you.

I hope.


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4 May 2011

I let Beth sleep in this morning as I made my trek from Ocala to Orlando, to pick up Phaedra Bonewits, a woman I was looking forward to meeting.  I previewed her book Real Energy, written with her late husband, Isaac, on my nook, and I was excited to talk to her about both her book and her upcoming workshops.

I had one of my trademark driving adventures, despite the fact that I’ve been to the Orlando International Airport dozens of times.  The airport-powers-that-be changed the rule about waiting at the arrival gate, and told me I either had to drive around or park.  First, I tried driving around, and somehow, I made a wrong turn and ended up driving through the never-ending bowels of the rental car kingdom, which I finally escaped no less than ten minutes later.

I called Phaedra after I finally parked, and she told me she was looking for her baggage, and I hung up without thinking to ask her for a distinguishing feature.  I had no idea what she looked like, but the moment I walked into the baggage claim, we locked eyes and I knew it was her.  That was pretty neat.  She wasn’t wearing a huge neon pentacle or anything obvious.  Actually, she blended in very well with the other tourists.  Only up close did I see the goddess earrings.

On the drive to the FPG site, we talked about energy work and the book she wrote with her late husband, Real Energy (pictured way above.)  I told her about a concept I’d recently read about in a book called Witch In the Bedroom, a technique the author of the book called power circles, in which a person charges a circle with feelings of success, joy, self-confidence, and accomplishment so whenever that person needs a confidence-boost, they just call their power circle up and step into it.  She told me that technique is also called “NLP,” or neuro-linguistic programming.  Whatever you call it, it’s an awesome concept!  I totally approve.

At one point in the conversation, a technique I developed for healing myself came up, which I call “un-crossing.”  I told her how in my daily meditation, I would go into my heart chakra and find myself as a little girl, crying in fetal position, and I would take her into the arms of my adult, maternal self, and comfort her, tell her I love her, that it wasn’t her fault, that she deserves love and the best in life, and so on until that little piece of my heart felt healed.  Sometimes I would go into painful memories and “fix” them, revising them to reflect what those moments should have been like, creating a dual memory, and allowing the positive memory to take precedence, healing another part of my heart and soul.

I told her how I have been able to forgive people by imagining them as damaged, crying children and in that form giving them unconditional love.  She complimented me on my wisdom, which was a lovely boost for my ego.  *grins

We also discussed the importance of being true to oneself, and how since her husband’s death, Phaedra’s been reclaiming who she is, as Issac was very prominent in the Druid community, and she is more inclined to practice a form of Wicca.  I also learned that her favorite potato chip is Ruffles.  In case anyone was wondering.

After I dropped her off at her cabin, I returned to our vending site to find that Beth had set most of it up in my absence, and she did an amazing job.  Keep in mind she’s only eleven!

Beth chose to accompany me to go pick up Patrick McCollum, whose flight was delayed.  We were waiting and waiting.  And waiting.

But OMG Patrick!  Holy guacamole was he more awesome than I ever expected!  He was regaling us with tales of his awesome adventures, some details of which can be read about in his book, Courting the Lady, which is available through his website: http://www.patrickmccollum.org/

Patrick’s current project is to help the street children of Nepal by educating them so they can make more of their lives than crime or being sold into slavery.  Patrick told us about his political work, how he has stopped wars from beginning.  He told us about his incredible, amazing, multicultural magickal violin, about being attacked by a hammerhead when he was a teenager, how he was at the first meeting of the main cast of the original Star Trek series before the series had even been pitched to a studio.  He’s living his dream, has Llewellyn connections and encouraged me to write and to send my stuff to him when its ready, because he may be able to hook me up. 😀

We returned to the campsite well after midnight, and gratefully accepted a ride back to our tent on a go-kart driven by a generous, wonderful man.  Beth sat with the driver, and I stood on the back, staring up at the brilliant night sky.  As the cool air blew my hair from my face, the vibrations of the kart massaging my limbs, I drifted into a semi-conscious state, floating home through the starry sky.

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