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My book has a cover and is available for pre-order, and in my excitement I’ve been bringing my laptop every where I go showing it off. 😀

Tonight I tutored a ninth-grader, and I couldn’t resist showing my book off to his entire family.  For reference, and because I can’t resist, here is my book, and its blurb. If you click on the image, you’ll be taken to the publisher’s page, where you can pre-order it! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! </writergasm>

By the age of twelve, Ashley Rae had survived incest, child abuse, and the deaths of both her biological parents. Born to Baptists but raised by Buddhists, Rae found peace and healing on a Pagan spiritual path while obtaining her college degree and starting the career of her dreams.
Rae thought the hardships in her life were over...until she lost her job, started a new relationship, and found out she was pregnant with another man's child all in the same week. Terrified of cesarean surgery, Rae vowed to give birth to her child at home – but first, she had to find one.
Alternately haunting, humorous, and heart-warming, Not My Mother: A Memoir follows Rae over a nine-month quest to break her family's generational pattern of abuse and victimhood in order to become for her unborn child the mother she had always wanted for herself.

My student’s brother was excited to discover that I was raised Buddhist, and wanted to know all about it, and also what “Pagan” meant.  (He also asked what “incest” meant, but I told him he’d have to ask his mom on that one…)  He identifies as Buddhist, though his family is Christian, and he’d never heard of “Pagan.”

Mindful that I was supposed to be tutoring, I tried to come up with a one sentence summary of Paganism.  I told him it was Earth-based spirituality.  He didn’t get it, and asked how it related to Christianity and Buddhism, pointing out that Buddhism was about eliminating desire.  So I told him that for many Pagans, everything is sacred because everything and everyone of us are part of the body of God, and that the point of life is to learn and grow so that God can learn and grow and evolve.

He smiled, and nodded, and said, “So it’s like a combination of both.”

And I thought about it a moment, and said, “You’re right!  I’d never thought about it that way.”

Not that Paganism is the love child of Christianity and Buddhism…that the Christianity that permeated my environment growing up and the Buddhism of my family both contributed to the Paganism that I practice and love as an adult.

You may need to read my memoir to figure out what I mean. 😉


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I am so excited about the retreat I’m hosting this weekend I’m literally bouncing in my seat.  It’s Wednesday, I leave for it Friday…and it’s like it only just hit me.  I guess I’ve been so overwhelmed with playing catch up after nearly three decades of procrastination and perfectionism, I forgot to celebrate all my dreams coming true one by one!

click this image to see the registration page 🙂

Ever since I first read about writer’s retreats, probably ten years ago, I’ve wanted to go on one.  After creating my tarot weekend last year, I thought, why not create my own?  So I did!  And it’s exactly what I always dreamed it would be!

I’m setting up a gaming station with Scrabble, Wildcraft, and any other games anyone thinks to bring; an Inspirational Library area with my favorite SARK books and books on writing and publishing plus what anyone else thinks to bring; Inspirational Movie Nights with What The Bleep Do We Know Anyway and more.  We’re going to have a sweatlodge Saturday night, and tons of workshops:

  • making sugar scrubs
  • giving neck and foot rubs
  • using writing as a healing tool
  • meditation with the Crystal Singing Bowls
  • connecting with our muses
  • Sense-immersion
  • Re-Vision Strategies
  • Creative Ways to Break the Block

and that’s just the workshops I’m putting on!

We’re having a meet and greet Friday night, a morning social Sunday, and loads of time to relax and write or just brainstorm and open the creative floodgates.

I’m already planning the next one – hopefully for this Fall.

I love my life!

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