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The past week has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.  It began with plans of my boyfriend and I getting a place together.  Three days later, my (ex-)boyfriend decided we were better off just friends.  I had about one and a half days to cope with that, while dealing with an infected tooth, before spending four days home alone with my three year old, unable to find child care, and thus unable to work.

Even covered in chocolate, he's just so durn cuddly!

Apparently, I needed some time off.  I wasn’t going to give it to myself, so the Universe provided it for me whether I wanted it or not.

I realized that ever since Susan died, I haven’t been putting my money where my mouth is.  I’m always saying that there are 1440 minutes in every day and at least 30 for ourselves, that we can choose happiness instead of making excuses.  But when Susan died, I reverted to an old version of myself, the martyr version who puts the needs of everyone else before her own and forgets she even has needs until she finds herself in excruciating pain and has no one around to help.


So this week, I’m getting back on track to the new, improved, not-a-martyr version of myself.

I found a cute purple dry erase board on clearance at Michael’s for $2.49, and I’m using it to make a check list of my needs and a reminder of my important projects, right there at eye level for me to see every morning and every night.  It looks like this:

I'll make it prettier later...

I’m setting my alarm for about 2 hours earlier than my son usually gets up so I can have a couple hours to myself in the morning to meditate, watch videos for my e-courses, or work on my projects.  I’m taking at least a day a week to focus exclusively on my projects, as opposed to most week days, when I go from home to my son’s daycare to one work to a meal to another work or  to my son’s daycare and two other day cares to pick up my sister’s kids to home or to another work before home…(have your eyes crossed yet?)

I’m also making sure that the things I spend my money on don’t contradict my values.  I’m buying my veggies from local farmers and planning a portable garden.  I’m figuring out how to re-purpose things that I already have to avoid adding more and more to the landfill, and I’m dedicating myself to recycling anything I can.  I’m also keeping a plastic bag on me for picking up trash and recyclables that others leave lying on the ground.  The Earth is sacred to me, so it’s important that I help Her in any way I can.

Baby steps.  Can’t just reboot myself to the most up to date version.  Gotta find my way back one step at a time.  ❤


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How far do you have to fall before you decide that you are worth saving?




Do you really have to hit rock bottom before you start picking yourself up?

If you hit rock bottom, it will hurt you more than it hurts it.


Why wait for someone else to take care of you when you are more than capable of taking care of yourself?


My favorite piece of trivia at the moment is this:

There are 1440 minutes in each day.

That’s a lot of minutes.

LOTS of minutes...

If you get eight hours of sleep, you still have 960 minutes left in your day.

If it’s a work day and you work 8 hours, you still have 480 minutes.

Even if you are on the road for an hour each way to and from work, you still have 360 minutes!  Plus your lunch break!

So out of those 360 minutes, how many can you dedicate to taking care of yourself?

30 minutes to break a sweat and get your blood pumping?

What does your happy dance look like?

15 minutes to spend some quiet time with your journal or JUST BE?

30 minutes to cook a nutritious, delicious dinner (with leftovers perfect for tomorrow’s lunch?)

10 minutes to speed clean a room, declutter, or otherwise organize something that’s been driving you nuts?

This is just a fabulous course for ideas about how to turn your living space into a sanctuary. ❤

How about 30 minutes to read a book or watch a video that teaches you something you’ve been wanting to learn?

If you did all of those things every day after work, you would still have 245 minutes to:

  • have dinner
  • catch up on facebook and email
  • take a shower
  • talk to a loved one
  • clean what needs cleaning
  • put away what needs putting away
  • AND relax before bed.




How much of your time are you devoting to YOU?

You are.

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Dear Inner Perfectionist,

You are fired.

With Love,


P.S. – this means I will no longer wait for inspiration to blog, and my blogs will no longer be edited for hours or days (or weeks or months) before posting. 😀

P.P.S. – Your position has been replaced by my Inner Cheerleader.

P.M.S. So eat that, you hypercritical criticizer! 😛

What does your inner cheerleader look like?

Dear readers,

Welcome to the 2012 edition of Spirit Healer Divination & Craft.  We are letting go of perfectionism and procrastination as of yesterday, and opportunities are already flooding in!

If your life if full of crap, there’s no room for the seeds of your hopes and dreams to grow.  You have to create a space for the universe to fill with the good things you keep asking for.

That’s what I did, and that’s what I’m going to help you to do today.

For this simple healing rite, you are going to need:

  • paper and something to write with
  • a lighter and something that you can burn paper in without damaging anything (including yourself!)
  • A prosperity charm  (this could be as simple as a $ on a scrap of paper you plan to put in your wallet, a check made out to yourself in the amount of money you dream of having in your account, a piece of citrine or a green or gold stone, a lucky coin, or any picture or symbol that represents prosperity to you.)
  • An optional green candle
  • A few uninterrupted minutes of concentration

There are two phases to every simple healing rite: the purge, and the refill.

Phase 1: Get It Out

For the purge, you are going to write a letter to yourself, or to your angels, guides, concept of deity, universe, or whatever you feel most comfortable addressing for help.

Something like this, but way more specific...

List every single one of those things in detail.  “Please help me release my fear of not being able to pay my bills, my fear of losing my house, my job, my friends, my life…Please help me release my doubts about my ability to find/keep a job, my doubts about my compentency, my doubts about whether anyone would want to hire me/work with me…Please help me release my bitterness toward money, my judgments of people who have more than me or less than me…please help me to know that money is NOT the root of all evil…please help me to know that I deserve to be able to pay my bills, I deserve to retire in style, I deserve to have a family, a home, a life!”

Be incredibly detailed, specific, and thorough.  This is a purge.  You are vomiting poison onto paper.  Be as vulgar, profane, angry, scared, tearful, pleading, as you need to be in the moment. Write in all caps with slashes and scribbles and cuss words as much as you need to; water the pages with your tears if you need to.

Keep going until you feel empty, hollow.  Empty/hollow is good!  It means you’ve removed so much poison, the tiny prosperity seeds you are about to plant will have a chance to grow and thrive.  Now we can move on to phase 2.

Phase 2: Fill ‘er Up!

Phase 2 begins with the burning of those poisonous pages.  If you can’t burn, then tear them into tiny bits and flush them down the toilet.  As you destroy them, state your intention to release these feelings and to allow their essence to nourish the earth with harm to none.

burn baby burn

Now take your prosperity charm in your hands, get comfortable, close your eyes, and fill yourself with the most powerful love you are capable of feeling.  You are performing a muggle version of the Patronus charm.  If you’ve never seen or read Harry Potter 3, this means that you are finding your happiest memories and bringing them to life in your heart.  You need a memory so pure that when you are thinking it, nothing can bring you down.

My son is my happy thought.  Snuggling with him in the morning, his baby kisses, the way he cries, “Mommy!” and then launches himself into my arms when I pick him up for daycare and wrapping his little arms around my neck with a sigh of contentment, his laugh, his cute antics…

My Happiest Thought

Your thought might be a person, or a place, a cherished belonging, a time in your life or a cherished dream.  Find it, hold onto it, and let it fill that empty space until you feel happy and bursting with hope, joy, and love. (Or as close as you can get.)

Once you are in that happy space, start fantasizing about yourself as a prosperous person.  Keep the fantasy positive and as if you are already there.

If you have a candle (possibly a big green one,) light it now.  Then say aloud, on paper, or in your mind that you are ready for this.  Say that you are open to prosperity, that you deserve prosperity, that you deserve and are ready to live your dream.  Ask your helpers to help you plant and nourish these dreams, to help them grow, thrive, and help you harvest them when the time comes.  Ask them to give you signs to show you the way, to help you meet the earth angels/people who can help you get there, and to help you hear opportunity’s knocks.

Thank your helpers for all your blessings, every good thing in your life, and keep that prosperity charm that you’ve been holding all this time in a special place, perhaps your wallet or purse, an altar or shrine if you have one, next to your computer, or any place that makes sense to you.  Light your candle every day for a few minutes, bringing back that happy fantasy of prosperity, until there is no wax left (it’s okay to blow it out or snuff it then re-light it as many times as you like.)

There are many ways to attract money into your life.  Money is abundant and attainable.  Money is the easiest thing to manifest.

Change your beliefs, change your life. ❤

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Welcome to 2012, a year I was so excited to embrace that I overwhelmed myself with goals and changes and here it is, 25 days in, and I realize I haven’t managed to post a blog in ANY of my public blogs (and only once in my private blogs,) and this is my official apology to myself and to all the wonderful blog readers out there who would have been inspired, educated, or at the very least entertained by my thoughts.

Today I want to talk to you about how to get the most out of psychic readings.

I have been a professional psychic for nearly a decade, and practiced divination for nearly two.  I have had dozens of readings and performed thousands.  And yet, I do not know everything there is to know about the world of psychics.

My aura pic from 2007 (I thought it'd make a cute psychic picture 🙂

For one thing, I have never come across the psychic con artist, who tries to convince you that you are cursed and for a few hundred dollars every week for the rest of your life they can remove the curse for you.  In fact, when I first heard about crap like that happening from friends who have dealt with these creeps, at first I was shocked.  Then, I was angry.  I consider what I do to be a sacred act, and the idea of someone abusing it infuriates me.

Psychic Con Artists may actually have psychic gifts, but who cares if they are trying to con you out of house and home?  So for the purposes of this post, we’ll consider them fake psychics.  Fake psychics also include those who ask leading questions, fishing for information that they then present to you as a psychic revelation.  A real psychic might ask questions for clarification; a fake psychic asks more questions than they answer.  Fake psychics may also say incredibly vague statements that could apply to anyone for the entire reading, whereas a real psychic may shock you with specifics.

Real psychics come in as many different flavors as any other profession.  It’s perhaps more productive to talk about psychics in terms of their readig style.  Here are the three main real psychic styles with which I am most familiar:


Me as a Fortuneteller for Halloween 2004

Fortune Tellers – psychics who specialize in predictive readings, who will tell you when you’ll meet your soulmate, whether you’ll have kids, how awesome your future career will be, etc.  Crystal ball readers, palm readers, and many card readers are often predictive psychics.  I consider fortunetelling to be a fun thing to play with, but not my primary gift.  Don’t ask me winning lotto numbers – I’ve always sucked at math. 😉


John Edward, Medium and really entertaining to watch 🙂

Mediums – psychics who specialize in connecting with departed loved ones.  They receive messages and pass them on to their living clients.  Sometimes they see the beings, sometimes they feel them, or hear them, or receive visual messages, or all of the above.    I am a medium, but it is a secondary gift, and usually not the focus of my readings except in special cases.  There are also such things as channelers – people who allow non-corporeal entities to inhabit their bodies and both speak and move.  That is something I do not do, and at this point, the very idea freaks me out. 🙂


Diviners – psychics who specialize in connecting with divine energy, such as deities, spirit guides, angels, totems, or the collective unconscious, to help their clients heal, grow, and solve problems.  I consider myself primarily a Diviner.  And we generally just call ourselves psychics, in case you were wondering why you’ve never heard of a Psychic Diviner.

I’ve shared all of this with you, because you may feel drawn more to one category than the other two.  For example, if you really want to talk to your departed grandma, you’d want to talk to a medium.  If you are just out for a good time, find a fortune teller.

If you’re new to all this and want to see what floats your boat, try one or two of each! (Except con artists, of course.)

And once you sit down with your psychic, either in person or on the phone, listen to your gut.  Do you feel comfortable with this person, or anxious?  If you feel anxious, walk away (or hang up.)

9 Swords from the Fey Tarot

When you are ready, and you meet the right psychic, you should feel comfortable with him or her, maybe excited or even a bit nervous.  What’s the difference between nervous and anxious?  Nervous is how you feel before a job interview; anxious is how you feel when you are swimming in deep water at the beach and  something underneath the water bumps into you and you have the Jaws theme playing in your head.

It is important to trust your psychic if you are getting a reading for anything more than entertainment.  Getting a reading is a very intimate act, even if it’s over the phone on a radio station.  I give mini readings on an internet radio station every week, and I can tell you that it does get very personal.  I joked with my friend, who runs the show, that we are like the Paranormal Delilahs.

The phrasing of your question affects the quality of your reading.  Some important points to remember are:

  • Avoid yes/no questions.  How/why/what questions are much more useful.  Instead of “is my marriage going to survive,” try “what can I do to help my marriage survive,” “why is my marriage on the rocks,” “what can I do to expedite my divorce,” or even, “would it be better to try to make my marriage work, or to file for divorce?”
  • If you want to hear about something specific, ask about it.  A lot of clients say they just want to hear whatever comes up.  That’s fine if it’s true, but if you find yourself asking about things your reading did not address, then you might consider thinking about  what you really want out of your reading for a few minutes before you sit down with your psychic.
  • Avoid “leading” questions.  You don’t need to lead your psychic towards the answer you want to hear.  It won’t work on an experienced reader, for one, and it might upset you if you don’t hear what you want to.

Even more important than phrasing your question is receiving your answer.  If you go to a psychic open to hearing the messages that are meant for you, you will get much more out of your reading than if you go with skepticism.

It’s okay to know what answer you expect as long as you are open to hearing a different answer.  A reading can give you a perspective that you never considered, or it can tell you exactly what you already know, but still help because hearing it from a stranger validates your decision and wisdom.

8 Pentacles from The Goddess Tarot

What tips do you want to add to help people get the most out of their psychic readings?  ❤

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We say thank you all the time, which is wonderful. In fact, we might feel a bit put off if someone does NOT thank us for our time or effort. “Thank you” is the polite thing to say, right?

In fact, we say it so often that when we someone does something extraordinary, something so kind, generous, and unexpected that it stuns us, we have to repeat ourselves. Thank you, we say, and the person smiles and nods and moves on. But we have to stop them, and look into their eyes and say, “No, really. Thank you!”

What has someone done for you this year that overflowed your heart with so much emotion that it surged up through your chakras to fill up your eyes?

What does pure gratitude feel like to you? Is it a warm sensation, like a hug? An aching sensation like tears repressed? Is it light and joyous and making you feel like you’re soaring? Does it feel like safety, security, trust in the inherent goodness of the universe?

What are you thankful for?

Take a moment to get comfortable. Close your eyes and focus on the sensation of gratitude. Think about all of the gifts and joys in your life, and let yourself be swept away by that wonderful, healing feeling.

Imagine a flower blooming for every blessing in your life, for every smile, every laugh, every tear of joy. Cultivate a garden of blessings around you, sparkling in the light of the sun, glowing in the moonlight.

If you are feeling creative, draw, paint, or make a collage of your secret garden, and put it somewhere where you will see it often, where it can be a constant reminder and homage to every person, thing, and memory in your life for which you are grateful.

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Most people hate money.  Which is ironic, since money is a physical symbol of value.  Value and hate are opposites, right?

Several years ago, I walked into a beautiful, peaceful book store that specialized in spirituality and healing, and the owner of that store engaged me in conversation about something that at 70, she had only just realized – that money is love.

I went home thinking she was a wonderful lady, but a bit off her rocker.

At the time, I felt money was the root of all evil and all suffering, and I hated needing money and never having enough.  I hated having to pay bills, and that I couldn’t just live off the land and be totally self-sufficient without having and spending what seemed an astronomical amount of money to start me off.

Over the years, I found myself getting into conversations and even giving readings to people who were struggling with the morality of charging for their products and services.  Every one of them felt that the love and peace they felt for performing their services or creating their art was reward enough, and that charging money for them would cheapen them somehow.  And in every one of those conversations, I ended up arguing with them…even though I thought I believed the same.

The true value of money is something everyone should really slow down and think about, because how you see your money determines how you will treat it, and how it will treat you.


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